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French Flag

LES SANS CULOTTES - biographie

The “seven-headed beast from the hard-scrabble streets of Menilmontant,” Brooklyn Francophonic rockers, Les Sans Culottes, borrowed their name from the ill-clad (i.e., long-trousered) citizen-soldiers of the French Revolution. The band's sound is a musical melange of French 60's pop rock icons, Serge Gainsbourg and Jacques Dutronc, and British Invasion and American Girl Group styles. The group is known for its take-no-prisoners, high-energy live shows, unerring sense of fashion, and “quoi.”

Les Sans Culottes has released seven recordings beginning with the 1999 eponymous debut Les Sans Culottes, Ennui and the Ecstasy, Faux Realism, Live in Paris: Full Frontal Crudite', Fixation Orale, Le Weekender and on 6 September 2011 ‘Pataphysical Graffiti.

Recorded over almost two years, first in Detroit with Jim Diamond at the Ghetto Recorder and then with Travis Harrison at Serious Business Music in NYC, the band's newest release, ‘Pataphysical Graffiti (taken from a meeting of the Led Zeppelin magnum opus and the French "science" of 'pataphysics) is the band's strongest effort yet. It is 16 delicieuse tracks of rock en Francais comprised of everything from funky dance numbers such as “Le Biz” (a searing indictment of the music biz) and “Sartre et L’Homard” (reflecting the historical incident of the existential philospher’s mescaline hallucinations), to rockers like the politically-minded “If You See Something, Say Something” and “Hypocrite Lecteur” (tracing Hipsterism from Baudelaire to Warhol to Williamsburg), to 1960’s- style pop gems like “Où Est Où Est” and “Jour du Vélo” (Bicycle Day), to their high-life version of Serge Gainsbourg’s “N.Y., USA” and Jobim homage “Comme L’Amour,” and the punk-swinger “Hypermarché.”

Their songs have been licensed for use in national ads for the Google Nexus G4 Android Phone, Hewlett-Packard cameras, and Ariel cleanser (Europe); television shows such as Gossip Girl, HBO’s Entourage and Cathouse, and MTV's Surf Girls and The Real World; and the films The Hot Chick and the Quentin Tarantino- produced Miramax release Daltrey Calhoun.

Les Sans Culottes has toured extensively across the United States and abroad in Canada and France, and have headlined venues such as NYC's Bowery Ballroom and Joe's Pub, and Los Angeles' Troubador and Spaceland.

The band members:
Clermont Ferrand - singer
Kit Kat Le Noir - chanteuse
Courtney Louvre - chanteuse
M. Pommes Frites - bass
Geddy Liason (aka Tresemme') - guitar
Johnny Dieppe - keyboard
Jacques Strappe – drums

For more information on Les Sans Culottes please contact Chris Brudzinski
( 718.809.9151, or William Carney ( 718.622.5039/ 212.577.3447